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Windows 7 - The Desktop Makeover

Date: 10.21.2011

Starting with the final schedule of lease replacement computers for the 2011 calendar year, all new desktop computers and laptops will be deployed with Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 7, along with the school's standard supporting programs (Word 2007, Excel 2007, Abode Acrobat 9, etc). Consequently, all existing desktops will be upgraded between October and January, 2012 from Windows XP to Windows 7 to establish uniformity and compatibility within the Law School environment. ISP will provide advance notice to individuals/departments, and will coordinate the upgrade to occur at a mutually convenient time.

What can users expect?

  • A new visual appearance called Aero that provides a feature rich start-menu, task-bar, and windows interface. The Aero appearance, allows items to pinned and grouped making it easy to quickly access recent files, folders, and programs.


  • An intuitive desktop with gadgets: widgets that provide useful information at your finger tips, such as weather, time, stocktips, news updates, calendar, notes, etc. 

  • Faster search capability with search terms highlighting and results categorization (Files, Songs, Pictures, Programs, etc).

  • Allows users to easily resize documents/windows via snap (have documents/windows appear side-by-side or take up the entire desktop).
  • Aside from the aesthetic enhancements, Microsoft substantially improved the reliability and performance of the operating system. As a result, users can expect a more robust and productive experience.

To learn more about Windows 7, please review the videos available at Microsoft's website:

Contact: Robert Ledee