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Karen Greenberg to Direct New Center on National Security

September 12, 2011

Karen GreenbergKaren Greenberg, a noted expert on national security, terrorism, and civil liberties, has joined Fordham Law School as a Visiting Fellow and as Director of the Center on National Security. Formerly, she was executive director of the Center on Law and Security at NYU School of Law.
The new Center will expand the scope of research, policy work, and public programming from terrorism to cutting-edge issues of national and global security, including cybersecurity—and rely upon the combination of practitioners, policymakers, and academics that distinguished Greenberg’s previous work.

Along with affiliated Fordham Law Professors Andrew Kent, an expert on national security, and Thomas Lee, a former U.S. naval intelligence officer and holder of the Leitner Family Chair in International Law, the Center on National Security will unite a broad array of Fellows including Michael Sheehan, Lawrence Wright, Peter Clarke, Peter Bergen, Joshua Dratel, Robert Windrem, and Roger Cressey.
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