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Fordham Law Visits Latin America, Dean Signs Memo of Understanding in Brazil

April 06, 2010

Latin America is vital to Fordham Law School's continued growth in the increasingly global legal profession. A contingent of Law School
 Dean William Michael Treanor and João Negrini Filho, Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of Sao Paulo.
administrators and faculty, led by Dean William Michael Treanor, recently traveled to Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico to develop ideas for enhancing the School's presence in Latin America.

"Latin America is a very important focus of Fordham Law's increasing international presence," said Dean Treanor. "Having a global perspective and a geographically diverse student population is vital for the Law School's future, so we are always excited to establish new relationships around the world and renew our friendships with international alumni."

Dinners were held in three cities—Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and Sao Paulo—where the Law School is in the process of establishing regional alumni chapters. In Sao Paulo, more than fifty alumni and friends traveled from all over Brazil to join Dean Treanor along with Professor Tanya Hernandez, Assistant Dean for International and Non-J.D. Programs Toni M. Fine, and Assistant Dean for Alumni Relations Michael Schiumo. In attendance were various friends and alumni of the Law School—including LL.M. alumni, summer institute participants, and participants from the international judicial research and training program.

"Reuniting with so many alumni from our various programs is energizing," said Assistant Dean Fine. "It is exciting to see the enthusiasm that exists for Fordham around the world."

While in Brazil, Dean Treanor signed a historic memorandum of understanding with officials from the Escola Paulista de Magistratura in Sao Paulo. The memorandum recognizes the importance of globalization in legal practice, the rise of Brazil as a major economic power, and the importance of U.S. law. It commits both institutions to encouraging academic cooperation through research and study and through the exchange of information and materials. Specifically, Fordham Law hopes to develop a course with the Escola Paulista de Magistratura for justices and judges from Sao Paulo State. This course would be taught at Fordham Law and would be part of the Law School’s program on International Judicial Research and Training.

In Mexico City, Dean Treanor appeared on Canal Judicial, Mexico's Supreme Court television channel, to discuss the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the United States Supreme Court and why her presence on the Court is important. He also gave a lecture on the Court at Universidad Panamericana.
Contact: Stephen Eichinger