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Study international law and conflict resolution in two of Europe’s most exciting cities: Belfast and Dublin.

Our legal summer study program in Ireland is officially cosponsored by Queen’s University Belfast and University College Dublin.

This unique sponsorship allows you to take full advantage of all the resources of three major universities: a distinguished faculty, challenging courses, administrative support, and special events. Deans from all three schools participate in the program.

Our program also offers 40 externships to ensure that your overseas learning experience extends beyond the classroom.

You’ll build an international network through meetings with local barristers and politicians and interactions with your peers. You’ll also have the opportunity to hear from notable legal and political professionals, including justices of the Supreme Court of Ireland and former first ministers of Northern Ireland.

With our Belfast/Dublin program, you will do more than learn about the complexities of international law and conflict resolution. You will experience its effects firsthand and understand more profoundly its impact on two unforgettable cities.

Last summer we had 41 students participate, including 4 students from UCD, 4 students from QUB, and 2 students from non-Fordham U.S. law schools.

Download the application (PDF).    

Download the pre-departure information (PDF).